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CheckinAsyst is the next-generation self-service patient check-in and intelligent digital forms solution integrated with major EHR & PM systems.

This enhances the patient experience as well as boosts front office performance by allowing automated workflows and a paperless environment.

Check out the video to see how CheckinAsyst helps you to:

  • Speed up your revenue cycle
  • Eliminate paper and data entry errors
  • Consistently collect co-pays and patient due balances
  • Reduce provider clicks, and more…

4 Ways to Digitally Enhance Patient Engagement

Are you focusing enough on your ‘Patient Experience’?

Here are some compelling reasons to start doing it:
• Retain existing patients in your network
• Get positive recommendation for your practice
• Increase patient satisfaction scores
• Boost performance in incentive-based payment programs

Enhancing patient experience should be one of your major goals. 

The obvious: Technology has a major role to play in achieving this goal.
The not-so-obvious: Clinics appropriately leveraging digital technology to offer a great experience throughout the patient’s journey.

In fact, where does the patient journey even start? The exam room you say? Not Really. Let us explore the various touch-points in the patient experience journey that can be influenced by digital technology, even before the patient meets their provider.

4 Ways To Digitally Enhance Patient Engagement

4 Ways To Digitally Enhance Patient Engagement


Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Digital Patient Check-in Solution

When it comes to patient check in, although not quite the stone-age, many lean engineers state that it is a workflow which has not been updated in over 40 years.

Patient check in is a major source of collecting patient health information and consequently results in a large amount of paper work. A paper brings with it, its own inefficiency and costs resulting in a cascade failure, ultimately affecting care outcomes and patient safety.

The outdated workflow pinches your revenue cycle especially in the era of high deductible-high co-pay plans. You also have the onus of meeting the expectations of your patients- the new age digital consumers – for innovative and hassle free services.

An automated patient check-in system will help you streamline your check-in process, but is that really enough for the optimum ROI from your initiative? Does it take care of providing you a complete fix for the inefficiencies in the workflow, and accelerating your revenue cycle while still providing a world-class experience for your patients?

This paper discusses the factors you have to consider while choosing your digital patient check-in software to completely modernize the workflow while ensuring optimum ROI for your initiative.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Digital Patient Intake Solution

Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Digital Patient Check-in Solution


5 Ways to Improve Patient Payment Collections

Are the revenue management strategies of your practice over the years telling the same story of rising bad debts?

Patients are made cost-conscious consumers of healthcare services by increased Out of Pocket (OOP) contribution through higher co-pay, deductibles (HDHP) and co-insurance. So a good share of revenue undoubtedly comes from the patients, collection of which is becoming protracting and unusually unsuccessful.

JP Morgan study shows that, in US, the rate of bad debt is increasing at well over 30% per year.

This signals that patient payment collection is not done in the way it should be by a majority of practices. There could be many reasons for revenue leakage like inconsistent payment collection, human errors, archaic collection procedures etc. Now that the ‘self-pay patient’ is a reality in the healthcare world, it is essential that you focus on what happens at the point of collection and analyze the following:
1. Is the process of payment collection streamlined?
2. Are the existing modes of payment enough for maximizing the collection?
3. Can your front office access accurate information on co-pay, deductible and status on outstanding?
4. Do you have the data of the ‘waivers’ you have given and a methodology in place to identify possible bad debts?

If your answers to the aforementioned are matters of concern then it is time for you to go that extra mile of digitizing the collection process to establish a better revenue management strategy in place. This insight will guide you to pick the right tools and strategies needed to improve your patient payment collection for optimizing your revenue cycle.

5 Ways to Improve Patient Payment Collection

5 Ways to Improve Patient Payment Collections


5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Digital Forms in Your Healthcare Facility

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Digital Forms in Your Healthcare Facility

The ever growing volume of paper forms in your practice is not a good sign, and if you are sighing a relief of “after all it’s crucial patient data” then you are foreseeing trouble.

Paper comes with its own inefficiencies in forms of unproductive effort guzzlers –scanning, indexing, shredding etc. which makes it a costly proposition. The abundance of paper forms lying helplessly in the storehouse gasping for labor efforts doesn’t really enable the major purpose of real-time access to PHI (patient health information).

The industry as a whole is moving towards digital forms for reasons more than one. You will feel the need to digitize your clinical and non-clinical forms if you ponder over the following questions:
•  Are your patients happy about filling those long lists of paper forms?
•  Are your physicians empowered with the right information at the point of care?
•  Are you able to capture insightful and actionable data from the mountain of paper forms?
•  Have the ROI on all the miscellaneous expenses on managing paper ever been favorable?

This paper will take you through the benefits of digital forms that will make you seriously reconsider keeping paper forms instead of adopting electronic forms software suitable for the healthcare industry.

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