The ever growing volume of paper forms in your practice is not a good sign, and if you are sighing a relief of “after all it’s crucial patient data” then you are foreseeing trouble.

Paper comes with its own inefficiencies in forms of unproductive effort guzzlers –scanning, indexing, shredding etc. which makes it a costly proposition. The abundance of paper forms lying helplessly in the storehouse gasping for labor efforts doesn’t really enable the major purpose of real-time access to PHI (patient health information).

The industry as a whole is moving towards digital forms for reasons more than one. You will feel the need to digitize your clinical and non-clinical forms if you ponder over the following questions:

  • Are your patients happy about filling those long lists of paper forms?
  • Are your physicians empowered with the right information at the point of care?
  • Are you able to capture insightful and actionable data from the mountain of paper forms?
  • Have the ROI on all the miscellaneous expenses on managing paper ever been favorable?

This paper will take you through the benefits of digital forms that will make you seriously reconsider keeping paper forms instead of adopting electronic forms software suitable for the healthcare industry.

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