Pre-populate Existing Information

FormsBuilder runs on a robust and versatile rules-engine through which it is able to pull discrete data like patient information, demographics, vitals, notes etc., existing in the EHR and generate an e-form.

Digitized Clinical Intake

Further inputs from provider or patient can also be captured on the e-forms. Patients and providers can digitally sign the forms and if required, the stored physician signature can be populated into the e-forms to sign-off. With absolutely no compromise on safeguarding the patient information, the e-forms can be stored in the EHR or routed to a Document Management System of your choice, making it an ideal form filling software for healthcare practices.

The On-Demand Form Generator Software

Provider can select appropriate pre-configured form templates that require inputs from both the patient and provider during the encounter. The ‘On-demand’ feature enables providers launch the e-forms instantly and gather any additional information from patients with ease.

Why FormsBuilder is the software of choice for healthcare providers?