HealthAsyst – The Leading Healthcare IT Company

HealthAsyst is a leading healthcare IT company with a singular focus on the US healthcare market since 1999. Founded by software services industry professionals, we knew from day one what we were set to achieve and the difference we wanted to make in the world of software technology. We built our strong and loyal customer base out of this core passion and we are proud to say that most of our initial customer base stand strong with us even today and we partner with them in their relentless journey of transforming healthcare.

We stand apart from other healthcare IT companies with our strong foundation in ethics and integrity, passion for technology, knowledge of US healthcare challenges and unrelenting thirst to improve and provide value to the healthcare industry.

Our employees share this passion of our founders in making a difference to the healthcare technology world. Our working culture fosters innovation, values commitment and encourages knowledge development. Know more about career opportunities with us.

Healthcare is our only business. We have two divisions catering to the various needs of the US healthcare market.

Healthcare IT Services Division


HealthAsyst has a strong track record of successful IT services engagements across the US healthcare spectrum. We have to our credit, an array of impressive projects in e-health, application development and re-engineering, testing & maintenance, managing & migrating from legacy systems. Our IT services division offers a whole range of services and flexible business models to meet the needs of our customers. Our flexible business model vary from fixed price projects to managing dedicated IT development centres for strategic partners. Partnering with HealthAsyst with a vision to transform healthcare, healthcare organizations implement their business strategies faster, cheaper and in an agile manner in the ever dynamic healthcare technology world. To know more about HealthAsyst’s IT service offerings and competencies, Click here.

Healthcare IT Products Division


HealthAsyst’s software products are a result of our commitment to research and innovation. With years of experience working with software vendors in the US healthcare market, especially EHR and Practice Management software providers, we were able to understand the real world challenges the industry faces in its journey towards digitization. Even with the adoption of Electronic Health Records, a dominant part of the processes in healthcare facilities were still paper based. There was a need of efficient systems that would complement Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Systems to enable complete digitization. Our products are a direct by-product of this realization and our innovative approach to solving real-world issues of the healthcare industry.

Our product development process is guided by a formal validation process. HealthAsyst meets clients and prospective clients to fully understand their business operations, their software needs, and the challenges they face in the market. This feedback is used to ensure that the software HealthAsyst develops meet real-world needs. HealthAsyst is committed to ensuring its clients stay ahead of the game. With a combination of technology skills, innovative solutions, domain expertise and a commitment to long-term client relationships, HealthAsyst is committed to the cause of result-oriented digitization in healthcare. To know more about HealthAsyst products, Click here.




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