Healthcare Interoperability for Seamless Information Exchange


An interoperable environment is a necessity for seamless communication between various systems. But achieving interoperability for a wide range of complex data (administrative, clinical, financial, lab, radiology, pharmacy, etc.) has always been a challenge for healthcare industry. Healthcare IT integration is vital to better manage patient care through the secure use and sharing of health information.

Being a healthcare IT integration service provider with a depth of domain built over a decade in healthcare, we can assist you in effectively addressing healthcare interoperability issues and enabling seamless data exchange between systems. Through our knowledge of regulations, familiarity with standards and expertize on the required toolset, we have been helping technology vendors, providers and their partners in their journey towards healthcare interoperability.

Exchange of clinical and financial information is made flawless with our integration services, thereby making our clients experience the meaningful use of IT and enhancing their business by better integration with partners.

Development & Consulting for interoperability in healthcare

We understand the challenges you face in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. We can help you achieve real-time integration with your disparate clinical and administration systems by developing and implementing interfaces that can seamlessly transfer information across systems.

Our experts are highly knowledgeable in HL7 2.X, HL7 3.0, ASTM, CDA Architectures, CCD, CCR, CPT, ICD 9 & 10 and X12. With a team of diverse skill set, you can be assured of high quality and on-time customized interface development services.

Support & Maintenance

We can support and maintain the integration needs of your existing interfaces. Our support services are spot-on because we understand that development is just the beginning. Our maintenance services strive to reduce downtime during integration. Our services can transform the way you work and meet healthcare interoperability and operation challenges.

Migration & Data Cleanup

Due to the explosion of data in the healthcare industry, data migration can be critical and daunting without the right expertise to plan and implement the process effectively. Effective data management is considered a key driver for improved business outcome and reduced costs. Our integration team can help you in analysis and migration of your existing data to the new system before the integration goes live.

Cost efficiency

We deliver significant cost savings through a global delivery model and use of re-usable components developed by our Center of Excellence.

Healthcare domain expertise

We have expertise in various clinical terminologies, EAI tools and first-hand experience in helping develop various healthcare software including EHRs and care management solutions.

Expertise in interoperability standards

We have expertise in interoperability standards such as CDA, HL7, X12, DICOM, DIRECT, FHIR.

Proven processes

We adopt proven processes and re-usable components to ensure the integration is completed faster. We follow stringent quality processes across all stages.