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Healthcare Application Testing


Be it paucity of time for the clinical staff or the considerable efforts involved in test data and environment set-up, we can help overcome your challenges using our strong expertise in healthcare application testing.

We help you overcome the challenges in application testing process and make your healthcare software flawless through our expert quality assurance services. With HealthAsyst testing services, you can be assured that your software works flawlessly before they go live with a major release and experience great respite from the constant demands of frequent upgradations, hot fixes and service packs.

Our healthcare software testing assures that the software meets user expectations by:

  • Validating that the software is functionally fit for purpose
  • Validating business workflows
  • Validating performance measures

This is achieved by keeping a strict watch on the processes being defined, the auditing and the training being given to our resources. Once the process has been defined on the strategy, implementation, and execution, all important parameters are kept in check and the processes closely monitored. This helps in providing the highest quality output with the shortest amount of cycle time.

During the execution phase, each step of testing goes through a series of test case executions, scenarios, logs and regression suite executions. We aim to provide a comprehensive coverage of all scenarios and setups which would help you in making the right decision.

Just as important as the testing is the Quality Assurance (QA) – “QA is a process that ensures that developed software meets and complies with defined or standardized quality specifications”. Testing is built upon the framework set by Quality Assurance. QA sets up the entire process which defines the necessary protocols and procedures that leads to a shorter turn-around time as well as faster deployment.


Healthcare Software Testing


Our method of approach is one of careful planning and setup. All the necessary preparations before a project is meticulously looked over and approved. The test strategy, test plan, resource plan, right up to the defect management is laid out and is designed to fit the requirements of our customers. This helps us in not only ensuring that everything will go smoothly but also minimises any sort of errors or defects which may come up, and in the event that anything does surface, the reaction time is the shortest.

We are able to deliver consistently quality work due to the following rigorous methodology:


Test Scenario
Test Case Design
Test Data


Test Case Execution
Record the Output
Execute Regression Suite
Log Defect


Test Summary Report
Defect Summary Report
Go Recommendation

Healthcare application testing at HealthAsyst is not a simple process which everyone follows but is a mix of the highest standard tests (both manual and automated) and protocols which rival any large enterprise.

Deep healthcare domain knowledge

We are a US healthcare focused company. Our testers come with healthcare domain expertise ensuring effectiveness of the test process.

Save clinical staff time

By deploying testers from HealthAsyst, you can save significant time of your clinical staff and improve focus on their core functions.

Ability to address demand fluctuations

We have the ability to ram-up and ramp-down based on the business demands.

Healthcare Application Testing
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Healthcare Software Testing
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Healthcare Application Testing
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