Healthcare IT Outsourcing

Commitment to your success is our approach
Being a trusted IT partner for some of the leading players in the world of healthcare technology, we have mastered our own unique approach to your success. Our approach is founded on our values of deep commitment to our customers, unique insights about the dynamics of healthcare industry and knowledge of software development best practices.

Distributed Agile Development

At HealthAsyst, agile is not just a methodology, but more of a philosophy. While Agile has certainly transformed the way software gets developed today, our experience indicates that core practices of project management are deeply entrenched in the agile philosophy. This has allowed us to cross all boundaries and successfully execute agile projects with globally distributed teams. Our highlights:

Accountable Delivery Model

HealthAsyst’s Accountable Delivery Model is formed on the core principles of quality resources and quality processes. Our resources are not only highly skilled in healthcare domain and various technologies, they have expertise in various regulatory requirements like HIPAA and HITECH, Code of Conduct, IP Protection, Use of Open Source tools to name a few. The model also gives adequate importance for customer’s risk coverage in contracts and SLAs agreeable to the customer.

Accountable Delivery Framework

HealthAsyst’s Accountable Delivery Framework includes more than 20 key measurement areas and can be tailored depending on the specific requirements of a customer organization. This framework can be applied uniformly for client and vendor teams, and provides complete accountability at project, team and individual level. The output, at each of these levels, are measured against 30-60-90 day targets and are used to set benchmarks for the current project as well as for future SLAs.
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