• Distributed Agile Development
  • Accountable Delivery Model
  • Accountable Delivery Framework

Using Agile In Healthcare IT Outsourcing


Ever evolving market dynamics, mounting cost pressures and need for quicker development cycles have put tremendous pressure on healthcare software vendors, resulting in a quantum leap in healthcare IT outsourcing over a period of time. However, many hold back going this route as they perceive that agile methodology can be implemented only with an in-house software development team and only way for them to develop a feature-rich product at high quality and less time to market is by adopting agile. For those among you who have the same philosophy, we introduce our distributed agile approach.


Distributed Agile Development in Healthcare IT Outsourcing


While most organizations believe that traditional project management and agile are divergent, we beg to differ. While Agile has certainly transformed the way software gets developed today, our experience indicates that core practices of project management are deeply entrenched in the agile philosophy. Our Agile process will ensure that there is right level of documentation and reporting, ensuring you as a customer is always aware of the day to day progress of the team.


At HealthAsyst, agile is not just a methodology, but more of a philosophy. Our engineers practice and improvise upon the current practices with maintaining the goal of achieving continuous improvement. This has allowed us to cross all boundaries and be able to successfully execute agile projects with globally distributed teams.


Distributed agile has been a challenge faced by many organizations. At HealthAsyst, we have implemented practices that allow even a new member joining a global team to easily adapt to the development processes and be productive within a short time. The teams are trained to take full accountability and be responsible for their deliverables. With healthcare subject matter experts to clarify requirements, right tools and automated processes to support them, teams remain focused on designing, developing and testing software and thus are highly productive. Communication is the key to any project and we have perfected the art of effective communication between geographically distributed teams with varied time zones and varied cultures. Teams end up delivering high quality, well documented code each time.


Our core focus on distributed agile and industry-specific practices makes HealthAsyst one of the most preferred choice for healthcare IT outsourcing in the industry.


Appropriate tools & technology adoption

Effective communication that beats time zone differences

Optimum team size & team mix

Attention to all user stories

Reducing Customer Risk in Healthcare IT Outsourcing


Organizations are always on the lookout for reducing or managing their risk when it comes to healthcare IT outsourcing. The right way to measure performance in an objective way, quality of resources working on the project, technical and domain know-how of the resources are all a concern in this regard. We mitigate our customer’s risk via our Accountable Delivery Model.


Accountable Delivery Model for IT Outsourcing in Healthcare


We adopt an Accountable Delivery Model for all our project deliveries. Be it in the selection of resources or forming customer SLAs, our Accountable Delivery Model has a part to play.

Our Accountable Delivery Model is formed on the core principles of quality resources and quality processes. To ensure the success of this approach, we hire all our resources from premier technical institutes. We never compromise on that. Skilled employees are selected after mandatory background, employment and medical checks. Our resources undergo a rigorous training process to gain expertise in healthcare domain through the ‘HealthAsyst University’. Through this, they gain valuable knowledge not only in the domain and various regulatory requirements like HIPPA, HITECH, but also in Code of Conduct, IP Protection, Use of Open Source tools, so on and so forth.

Our contracts provide adequate risk coverage for the customer. Our Customer SLAs are never one-sided. They are always developed jointly with the customer. We stick to our SLAs.


Selected resources from top institutes

Rigorous training on healthcare domain

Contracts with adequate risk coverage

SLAs based on business demands

Metrics for Healthcare IT Outsourcing


Considering the cost pressures they deal with, performance measurement is a key area of concern for healthcare organizations looking to outsource. It is important for them to justify the outsourcing decision and to ensure that they are getting best value from their outsourced project through performance of SLAs and other key measurement areas. HealthAsyst has a unique approach to solve this problem – our Accountable Delivery Framework.


Accountable Delivery Framework for IT Outsourcing in Healthcare


HealthAsyst’s Accountable Delivery Framework is based on the core practices of agile development philosophy. This framework includes more than 20 key measurement areas and can be tailored depending on the specific requirements of a customer organization. This framework can be applied uniformly for client and vendor teams, and provides complete accountability at project, team and individual level. The output, at each of these levels, are measured against a 30-60-90 day targets and are used to set benchmarks for the current project as well as for forming SLAs in the future.

We believe that selection of the right tool is important for the success of agile methodology in a geographically distributed environment. With years of experience, we have a recommendation of selected tools for our customers to choose from. This includes both proprietary and open source tools.


Metrics based performance management

Goal based project implementation

Adoption of right tools