EHR Integration

Leverage CheckinAsyst and its bi-directional integration with EHR/PM software to capture and access patient-reported data easily for creating meaningful encounters

EHR Integrations

Automate Assessment Workflows. Improve Care Delivery.

With CheckinAsyst, capturing patient data during the intake process doesn’t have to be challenging anymore. Use our automated clinical workflows to collect relevant patient data – right from clinical information, demographics to insurance details. Rather than spending time managing paper trail, your staff can set intake processes on auto-pilot to ensure better patient outcomes.

Clinical Reconciliation

Help your practice bring back the focus on patient care as CheckinAsyst eliminates the effort of manually documenting patient-reported outcomes in your EHR. Using bi-directional integration, the platform builds patient charts, allows the staff to reconcile information, and sends it back to the EHR as discrete data. With such powerful integration, physicians can now easily access patient information with minimum clicks and maximum data accuracy.


Collect patient data via clinical screeners and risk assessments


Review and reconcile updates on a reconciliation screen


Patient data is automatically sent to the EHR as discrete data or secured PDF

Demographics Reconciliation

Make it easy for your front office staff to review and validate patient demographics. Our patient intake software presents demographics and insurance updates provided during the intake process in a consolidated dashboard. Your staff can reconcile patient data to ensure data quality for measuring accurate outcomes.

Our EHR/PM Partners

CheckinAsyst offers robust bi-directional integration with the industry’s leading EHR/PM software. With automated information exchange between the platform and your existing system, your practice can create a truly paperless environment.

  • Improve patient experience by pre-populating existing information using intelligent forms
  • Automate patient data updates to your EHR/PM system to improve practice efficiency
  • Enhance intake process with automated workflows to deliver better patient care delivery