Zero-touch Patient Intake

Discover mobile-first solutions to set up a safe, zero-touch patient intake workflow for in-person care and virtual visits

Zero-touch Patient Intake, Zero-touch Patient Intake, CheckinAsyst®

Make Way for Safer In-person Care Delivery

CheckinAsyst introduces a suite of mobile-based modalities to ensure safe and effective experience for in-person visits. Focused on minimizing face-to-face interactions and physical contact, your practice can adopt a zero-touch workflow to make intake safe for your patients and your staff

Virtual Visits Made Easy with Intake for Telehealth

Virtual visits are meant to focus on making care accessible at any time. CheckinAsyst ensures your telehealth service meets patient expectations without involving the complexities of an app or a portal. Our telehealth intake module adapts to your practice’s unique requirements, making it simple for both your patients and your providers.

1, CheckinAsyst®

Choose your preferred service provider – Doxy, Updox, and many more – to set up telehealth via CheckinAsyst

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Send email or SMS to help patient’s complete check-in forms and enter the virtual waiting room

3 2, CheckinAsyst®

Allow your providers to initiate virtual visits and manage daily appointments with our telehealth module

Our Partners

We are vendor-agnostic and can work with a telehealth service provider of your choice.

Updox, CheckinAsyst®
Doxy, CheckinAsyst®
MS Teams, CheckinAsyst®
Zoom, CheckinAsyst®

and many more…