Patient Intake

Experience modern-day digital patient intake with CheckinAsyst to minimize wait times, improve patient engagement, and lower overhead costs

Patient Intake,patient intake software, Patient Intake Software, CheckinAsyst®

Get a 360-degree View of Your Patient Intake Operations

CheckinAsyst’s dashboard is designed to eliminate all manual inefficiencies – right from large call volumes to disorganized paperwork. Empower your staff by leveraging automated workflows and digital tools to minimize check-in delays and provide a better patient experience.

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Monitor patient check-ins

Get real-time updates on patient check-in status without getting up from the desk

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Access patient data easily

Get rid of large paper volumes to capture and access patient data faster digitally

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Simplify patient payments

Allow staff to check patient eligibility in real-time and accept payments with the right tools

Speed Up Intake with Mobile Pre-registration

CheckinAsyst’s patient intake software introduces mobile pre-visit registration, an effective way to make crowded front office and patient check-in delays a thing in the past. Your patients can now easily complete check-in forms from anywhere, at any time, using their everyday devices, i.e., mobile phones or tablets. And, with easy access to patient information before the appointment, your staff can deliver exceptional care.

  • Capture demographics, clinical data, and patient consent in advance
  • Collect co-pays during pre-registration via a secured payment link
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Uncomplicate Data Capturing with Intelligent Forms

Use CheckinAsyst’s intelligent digital forms to build comprehensive patient records. Minimize patient frustrations and cut down on check-in time by capturing essential data for the particular appointment via our patient check-in software. And what’s more, by leveraging digital forms, your front office staff no longer has to manage, scan, or print stacks of paper forms, saving both time and money.

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Customized visit and specialty-specific questionnaire

2 3, CheckinAsyst®

Pre-populates existing patient data from your EHR/PM software

3 2, CheckinAsyst®

Automated data indexing to eliminate manual data entry

On-demand Forms to Suit Your Every Need

CheckinAsyst’s on-demand forms ensure your practice never has to go back to paper forms, even during ad-hoc situations. Your staff can send additional forms directly to your patient’s mobile device on a need basis. Use custom forms and include them in your existing patient check-in workflow to collect specific patient data whenever you want.

On Demand Forms, CheckinAsyst®
Digital Signatures, CheckinAsyst®

Go Digital with E-signatures

Capture patient consent using electronic signature. Our HIPAA-compliant patient intake software allows patients to effortlessly sign their consent forms from anywhere, all in one go, ensuring a better patient experience. And with a digital environment, your staff can focus on patient interactions rather than dealing with messy paperwork.

Multilingual Intake, Designed for Patient Choice

Build better communication with our multilingual support for digital patient intake. With an ethnically-diverse patient population comes language barriers. It can be exhausting for patients to fill out forms in a language that isn’t their native tongue. Using CheckinAsyst’s multilingual forms, your patients can now answer intake-related questions in their preferred language. In turn, your practice can capture accurate patient data and improve the patient experience drastically.

  • Latin-based script
  • Non-Latin based script

Make Appointment Reminders Count

Missed appointments translate to missed revenue opportunities. Our patient check-in software brings automated appointment reminders to help your practice minimize no-shows and potential revenue loss. Replace time-consuming manual appointment reminders with our actionable email and SMS reminders that engage patients and improve responses, all with minimum cost and effort.

  • Set it and forget it – Schedule appointment reminders at varying intervals and frequency
  • Send reminders via email, SMS, and/or IVR with custom instructions, actionable text & more
  • Enjoy the flexibility of triggering on-demand appointment reminders at any time
  • Make it easy for patients to cancel, confirm or reschedule appointments via reminders
  • Review appointment reminder responses as we capture them directly into your EHR/PM
Check In Modes, CheckinAsyst®

Choose Check-in Modes for Your Practice

From hand-held iPads, table-top systems, patient check-in kiosks, or a combination of the factors, CheckinAsyst can customize your patient check-in experience with your choice of form factor.

No matter which interface you choose, our electronic clinical documentation and patient check-in software allow patients to enter their demographic and clinical details, edit or update insurance information, fill out assessments, sign electronic consent forms, and make payments. It’s fast, easy, and straightforward – just the way your patients want it to be.

Actionable Analytics to Achieve Practice Excellence

Make informed decisions to improve your practice’s productivity and financial performance with our auto-generated reports and analytics. Our patient intake software offers a detailed picture of your operations, giving you all the data you need to make profitable improvements.

  • View reports on payments, eligibility verification, utilization of check-in modes & more
  • Create a schedule to receive automated reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
Day To Day Analytics, CheckinAsyst®

Achieve Convenience and Ease With Patient Scheduling

Bring the ease of self-scheduling to provide a modern, digital patient intake experience for your patients. CheckinAsyst’s integrated solution allows patients to schedule appointments anytime, anywhere. What’s more, the AI-based system considers complex scenarios, making it effortless for your staff to manage the appointment schedule.

  • Web-based online appointment booking for patients
  • Intelligent platform that analyzes provider preferences, patient-provider matching and so much more
Patient Intake,patient intake software, Patient Intake Software, CheckinAsyst®

How Patient Check-in System Works for Your Practice

Setting up a modern-day practice is easier than you can imagine. Our patient intake software seamlessly integrates with your existing EHR/PM system to support its rich functionalities. Here’s how it works:

  • Your staff creates appointments in your EHR/PM system
  • Appointment details & patient data get imported into CheckinAsyst based on the day of the appointment
  • Your staff can manage intake, payments, and communication for all patients whose appointment information is available in CheckinAsyst
  • Bi-directional integration allows data to flow back-and-forth between your system and CheckinAsyst