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We are a technology company with a strong track record of successful product and service engagements across US Healthcare Industry


HealthAsyst is a leading healthcare IT company that offers a whole gamut of healthcare IT services and solutions, helping clients effectively address their operational challenges and grow their businesses stronger. Some of our services include product engineering, maintenance, quality assurance, custom-development, implementation and integration. HealthAsyst combines strong domain expertise, proven processes and flexibility to make every service engagement a success.

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Market Segments


Healthcare IT Solutions


Healthcare software product companies have to stay ahead in the technology race to build market-relevant, compliant and quality products. Check out how HealthAsyst can help you in this continuously evolving landscape.


Healthcare IT Services


With the complexity of the US healthcare ecosystem, intermediaries such as medical clearing houses, RCM/Billing companies, financial clearing houses and HIE play an important role in connecting providers and payers.


Healthcare IT Solutions


With the challenges in the US healthcare industry today in terms of regulatory requirements and a constant need to follow up for payments, Providers, unfortunately, are spending more time on paperwork than patient care.


Healthcare IT Services


Payers require real-time collaboration with providers today, more than ever. With the rising changes and varieties in insurance plans, healthcare payer organizations have to provide rapid and quality services to stay ahead of its competition.

Healthcare IT Services
A Platform of Exceptional Performance

We are singularly focused on offering healthcare IT services and solutions to the US market. An experience span of more than 17 years has helped us gain expertise in the nuances of US healthcare, various regulations and market characteristics.


Evolving trends in the US healthcare IT industry


At $2.9 trillion in size, the US healthcare industry is one of the largest of its kind on the globe. US healthcare industry is proving to be dynamic, disruptive and innovative compared to a few years back. The industry is still evolving with regulations such as HIPPAA and HITEC Act. New requirements such as MACRA for performance measurement for physician payments are increasing the dependency on information technology for the healthcare sector.


While the industry is still looking at solving challenges such as cyber security, ineffective interoperability, lack of performance of EMR systems, new trends like tele-medicine, behavioural healthcare, and value-based models are increasing the need to assess the true cost of services and opportunities to become more efficient and improve care quality. We are also witnessing exciting changes in the adoption of technology. Digitization is a priority throughout the healthcare industry. Mobile health adoption has doubled between 2013 and 2015. Healthcare players will continue to pour capital into information technology tools, population health tools and analytical systems.


How our healthcare IT services add value to US healthcare landscape


We are positioned competitively to address the challenges of the US healthcare market including regulatory changes, cost pressure, and the need for technology that could be different from any other industry. Our end-to-end healthcare IT services, offered in flexible engagement models, are designed to provide optimum value to healthcare organizations without the hassles of management overheads and high cost. We have proven experience in the healthcare domain, a result of engaging with innovative healthcare organizations for close to two decades. A large part of our new business comes either from existing customers or via customer referrals. This, we consider, as a true measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Healthcare IT Solutions


We pride ourselves as an expert healthcare IT services organization. With our years of experience in the US healthcare industry, commitment to research & innovation, knowledge of software engineering best practices and enviable project experience, we have developed end-to-end solutions for the US healthcare provider segment. Our healthcare IT solutions are focused on enhancing patient experience and improving provider productivity by completely and truly digitizing the various workflows in settings such as clinics, hospitals, radiology department & imaging centres.

We have a Healthcare CoE which is focused on developing reusable components, rules engines, coding standards and more, helping us in our endeavour to offer integrated healthcare IT solutions that will effectively address the challenges of the US healthcare industry.


Enabling Mobility for a Homecare System

Customer had committed to make the application available, at their user conference within a year. Regulatory requirements and customer demands had diverted their existing team to focus on maintaining the legacy application. Developing for mobile platform also meant need for a new skillset, which the customer did not have. Further there was no possibility of … Continue reading Enabling Mobility for a Homecare System

Improving Care With An Integrated Care Co-ordination Program

While working with multiple care givers who were part of ACOs, the customer realized that achieving a coordinated workflow based on the defined care plan, was a big challenge. Also, integrating the data from multiple sources and reconciling it in a timely manner, at the point of care system, was difficult. Standard terminologies were not … Continue reading Improving Care With An Integrated Care Co-ordination Program

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