Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value.

– Louis L’Amour

Information, data and its communication and transmission is disjointed. Separate ecosystems exist under the guise of being unified. While this may not be true in every industry, it seems to be the harsh reality for healthcare.

HealthAsyst has a history spanning nearly two decades and in this time, we have picked up expertise in many areas of the healthcare continuum. We started off with healthcare IT services and increased our knowledge base for healthcare software vendors, payers, providers and intermediaries. Along the way we also began to develop technology products for improving the lives of physicians, patients and administrative staff.

This helped us gauge the pulse of healthcare industry and resonate with its needs better.

Having known the behemoth for years, we can say “Healthcare” is restless. After a century of striving, years of debate and series of historic votes we still are taking baby steps towards affordable, accessible and efficient healthcare.

If the sharing of experiences, successes, failures and learnings, is helping us get closer to realizing that goal (of an affordable, accessible and efficient healthcare system), why not do it together? What better platform for this other than a blog.

So, here we are. You can look forward to industry experts’ take on the changing Healthcare IT landscape, the challenges & opportunities ahead for healthcare organizations, best practices to address them and more.

After reading our posts, if some unique perspectives strikes you, helps you, or makes you think, then we have accomplished what we have set out for. If it doesn’t, let us know so that we can learn from it and make ourselves better.

Let’s begin this journey together, with conversation that impact the entire industry.

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