Towards a Customer-driven Healthcare Industry

Improving patient experience is an over-arching common goal in healthcare today. For this, the care givers require visibility across all touch points in a patient’s journey, as if they were the consumers, and provide them similar level of experience.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce helps you treat your patients as customers and we are excited to be a part of this transformative journey in healthcare. With a singular focus on the healthcare industry, we have stayed abreast of the industry pulse and built our Salesforce practice with a single objective in mind- to make possible that transition from patients to customers. Development

Want to translate your great idea or design into a reality? With our application development on the platform, you can turn your ideas into reality sooner than you planned for.
  • Advanced customer facing websites
  • User interface and user experience
  • Custom layouts and complex business logic
  • Customer, partner and employee communities
  • Testing on Salesforce Platform

    If you are done with the design and development, that crucial step before your salesforce certification can define your success and credibility.

    Armed with healthcare and Salesforce expertise, we are uniquely positioned to understand your product in-depth and develop the user stories to test your application and assure quality.

    Managed Services

    We offer 24X7 support in a DevOps environment.

    Salesforce Lightning

    Nervous about your transition to the all-new Salesforce Lightning? Develop your lightning road-map with our consulting and transition services.

    Lightning-ready Mobile Apps

    Leverage the power of mobility with Lightning-ready mobile apps developed using:
  • Salesforce mobile SDK
  • Lightning components and advance JavaScript framework
  • Salesforce Integration

    Salesforce has the ability to transform the way care is initiated and delivered today by creating a single view of the healthcare eco-system. It is possible only with the help of robust integrations. We can help you build those integrations as robust and cost-effective as you want it to be.

    Integrate with:

    • Electronic Health Record
    • Practice Management System
    • Patient and Provider portals
    • Data Analytics Warehouse
    • Care Management System
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