Frequently Asked Questions


What is CheckinAsyst?

CheckinAsyst is the next generation solution for self-service patient intake and digitized clinical documentation. This solution brings about an enhanced patient experience, streamlined patient check-in, hassle-free documentation and assured payment collections.

It helps practices remove paper and the associated costs and labor by digitizing the entire patient intake forms/workflow, improves front desk efficiency as well as patient experience, and enhances the bottom-line by improving patient financial responsibility collections.

CheckinAsyst works through a bi-directional interface with the respective PM/EHR systems enabling a real-time and seamless data flow.

Who is it for?

The Front Desk Staff – will have a dashboard with a view of all patients details, pulled in real-time from the PM. The dashboard also enables the staff to check insurance real-time (Real-Time Eligibility) for patients at the point of check-in, as required.


Patients – use any form factor which suits them (a kiosk, table-top, or a hand-held tablet). The digital forms presented are configurable as the rules engine ensures the display of only relevant forms to patients resulting in a faster check-in.


Providers/MA/RNs – will now be able to launch a clinical reconciliation facility through single sign-on based on the clinical interface capabilities of the respective EHR. This helps reduce provider clicks at the office and ensure more focus on patient care.

Are there different versions/modules available?

CheckinAsyst is available and can be customized to suit your requirements. We offer CheckinAsyst in the following modules:

  1. CheckinAsyst (Admin)
  2. CheckinAsyst (Admin + Clinical)
  3. CheckinAsyst Mobile

Alternatively, you can click here and get a better idea.

Who are your partners?

CheckinAsyst offers the functionality of Real-Time Eligibility for which we leverage our clearinghouse partners. Also, since payment collection is another important feature of CheckinAsyst, we are integrated with our payment gateway partners as well. From an EHR/PM perspective, we have partnered with Allscripts, Greenway Health, and GE Healthcare.

Can I schedule a demo to know more about the product?

Yes, simply click here and fill up the form. A representative will contact you shortly and give you a detailed tour of the product.

Does this take the place of a patient portal?
Our goal is to provide a supplemental solution that dovetails with a portal functionality. CheckinAsyst does not take the place of a patient portal, rather the goal is that we supplement the functionalities offered by portals to the best extent possible.
What devices and platforms is it available in?
CheckinAsyst provides a digital check-in experience and provides a very friendly user interface on an iPad at the front office/point of check-in. Patients can pre-register through browsers on mobiles, PC, laptops, etc.. The patient can simply click on a pre-registration email link on their mobile device and they will be able to complete a configured workflow as set up by the healthcare facility. Patients have the ability to view/update demographics and clinical information, e-sign assessment and consent forms and also pay outstanding balances.
How does CheckinAsyst work?
  1. CheckinAsyst works in close integration with the concerned PMS and EHR systems. The data flow between CheckinAsyst and PM/EHR happens in real-time and is bi-directional.
  2. Patients (both new and returning), upon arrival is provided various check-in options through the different form factors. Information already existing in the PM/EHR can be presented to patients as pre-populated fields. Patients can fill and e-sign various forms, update: demographic details, registration related information, past medical history information, all on a simple and user friendly interface. Patients can also be presented with the various visit-related copay and outstanding balance and make payments through multiple payment options, and finally get checked-in. Patients can also check-in either through CheckinAsyst Mobile or the email link.
  3. After patients are checked-in to see the provider, the data is updated in real-time back to PM/EHR.
What about Real Time Eligibility? Can I do a batch eligibility check as well as individual?
Yes, CheckinAsyst enables two kinds of eligibility checks, batch and real-time. Batch eligibility can be fired a few days prior to the day of appointment (configurable as per practice needs), whereas Real-Time Eligibility can be fired at the point of intake.
How does CheckinAsyst help patients to self-pay?
CheckinAsyst, during the process of check-in, auto reflects a patient’s payment responsibility along with the options to make digital payments like cards or card-on-file. This helps patients to see their payment details and make their independent payment decision without an interference from a third party or an uneasy payment conversation.  Patients are also given the option to choose a preferable payments plan that ensures auto-payment at regular intervals.

With zero third-party interference, multiple payment modes and easy payment options, patients are made self-reliant to manage their payments.
What capabilities are available to the front-desk staff through the front desk dashboard?
The front desk staff/receptionist will have a dashboard with a view of all patients with appointments (pulled real-time from the PM), the status on their insurance, their provider, reason for visit, and patient’s progress status during the check-in process etc. The dashboard also enables the staff to check insurance eligibility or benefits of patients in real-time at the point of check-in, as required.
Can I customize the product for my specific needs?
Yes. CheckinAsyst has an in-built Rules Engine which helps present only the relevant forms to the patient thereby making the experience better and the check-in, faster and more efficient. A key activity during the implementation process is studying your workflows and appointment types and then configuring the digital forms, questionnaires, and workflow to suit your practice.
Can documents and forms be digitized? What types of documents do you support?
The goal with CheckinAsyst is to attain a comprehensive digitization experience. This means that all types of consent forms, assessment forms, clinical forms and specialty-related or provider-specific forms can be converted into a digital format.
Is CheckinAsyst available in Kiosks?

Yes.  Kiosk is one of the platforms in which CheckinAsyst can be made available for your patients to experience a smoother and faster check-in. Patients after reaching your facility can go for an express check-in via the medical check-in kiosks.  Via the kiosk, they can: verify their demographic, clinical or insurance details; sign consents forms and fill assessments; make payments using preferable payment modes and quickly move on to see their providers.


How will FormsBuilder benefit my current process?

FormsBuilder is an intelligent On-Demand Form Filling Software for a Better Patient–Provider Encounter. With FormsBuilder you will:

  1. Generate forms on-demand instantly and gather any additional patient data with ease
  2. Share e-forms with regulatory or external agencies with ease
  3. Save filled and signed form by the provider/MA to the EHR as PDF
  4. Capture all patient-provider encounter details on-demand
Is FormsBuilder a digital patient intake solution?
FormsBuilder is not a substitute to our digital patient intake solution, CheckinAsyst. FormsBuilder is designed to digitize forms on-demand and convert it to PDF to store it in the EHR. These details are from a provider-patient encounter after the check-in process is complete at the front desk. The forms may include- Workmen Compensation Form, Student Immunization Form, DOT Form among many others.
Can I customize FormsBuilder to my specific needs?

FormsBuilder pre-configure forms on-demand that are relevant to the provider/MA and keep it ready for use. The provider/MA then selects appropriate pre-configured form templates that require inputs from both the patient and provider during the encounter. The ‘On-demand’ feature enables providers launch the e-forms instantly and gather any additional information from patients with ease.

Is FormsBuilder integrated with any EHR?
Yes. We are currently integrated with Allscripts TouchWorks EHR. However, we are ready to look at other EHR for integration, if there is customer requirement. To know more, please click here and fill up the form. A representative will contact you shortly and give you a detailed tour of the product.
Do we have to procure any additional system other than EHR for FormsBuilder?
No. FormsBuilder is now available with the SSO (single sign on) feature that allows the provider/MA to launch FormsBuilder from the EHR with no extra login step. You only require having iPads for the patient workflow.
What tablets can I use with FormsBuilder?
We currently support iPads for the patient workflow of FormsBuilder, an on-demand form filling software. However, we may evaluate other alternatives based on customer requirement and specificity. To know more, please click here and fill up the form. A representative will contact you shortly and give you a detailed tour of the product.
Will FormsBuilder allow transfer of form both in and out of the organization?
FormsBuilder allows providers to send the on-demand digitized form duly filled and signed by both provider and patient back into the EHR or to a Document Management System. These PDF forms can then be shared with different departments both in and out of the organization.