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CheckinAsyst offers robust bi-directional integration and is equipped to enhance the patient experience, improve front office productivity, and boost your practice’s efficiency.
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CheckinAsyst’s certified bi-directional integration offers unmatched improvements in practice productivity. Meanwhile, automated information exchange provides the following benefits:

Better Patient Experience

Eliminate time-consuming data entry during appointments to provide your patients with a better in-office experience. Thanks to CheckinAsyst’s integration with EHR/PM, existing patient information in the EHR/PM is pre-populated in the forms during patient check-in. This ensures accuracy and simplicity across the board.

Efficient Front Office

Set your front office processes on auto-pilot and save manual efforts by automating demographic updates to your PM system. This saves front office workers time and cuts down on inaccuracies and disparate data.

Outstanding Patient Care

Help your providers focus on patient care rather than paperwork. When your patients provide clinical data updates, they’re automatically sent back to the EHR as discrete PDF documents, building updated patient charts in the process.