With the COVID-19 vaccine coming as a respite for people worldwide, the healthcare community is gearing up to provide immunization against the pandemic.

However, at a time when social distancing is more crucial than ever, healthcare providers need a safe way to vaccinate a large patient population. Additionally, your COVID-19 vaccination strategy should effectively address patient outreach, intake, and follow-up visits without burdening your staff.

Digitizing your COVID-19 vaccination workflow can eliminate physical contact at every touchpoint except during the actual injection and help set up a simplistic end-to-end COVID-19 vaccine workflow.

Download this infographic to explore:

  • Best practices to set up a smooth COVID-19 vaccination workflow
  • Role of a digital platform to increase vaccine uptake, decrease staff burden and minimize vaccine wastage
  • How CheckinAsyst can help with its digital intake and patient communication tools

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