How a Patient Intake Software for Clinics can Improve Patient Experience and Practice Efficiency

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Healthcare clinics have their hands full with existing challenges like rising patient expectations, higher costs, and increasing demand. The ongoing staffing issues don’t help either, as it worsens practice growth. Here’s where patient intake software for clinics can add value in such overwhelming situations.  

  • Reduce manual entries: The crux of a traditional patient intake is paperwork. Patients fill out stacks of paper during every visit. Whereas, the staff has to record the data for every patient manually. Using digital intake workflows, clinics can replace paper practices completely. Patients can complete their forms using their preferred device, and the data is automatically updated back to the system. And the result is that you can reduce 90% of manual entries and scanning efforts.  
  • Minimize patient wait times: On average, patient wait times for clinics are under 30 minutes. Largely, paper-based workflows cause delays in every process. With check-in options like pre-visit registration, patients can complete their forms before visiting the practice. And even if they register at the clinic, the patient intake software eliminates time-consuming data entries by updating the information directly. The result? You can reduce up to 50% of patient wait times.  
  • Boost staff capacity: Traditional intake relies heavily on repetitive, manual work. A patient intake software for clinics digitizes your intake forms and leverages EHR integration to save hours of manual work. Whether it is your front desk or clinical teams, a digital solution can optimize workflows to increase staff capacity.  

CheckinAsyst’s all-in-one platform helps clinics manage their various operations seamlessly. From check-in, collecting payments, engaging patients, and improving staff productivity, set up your digital front door strategy with CheckinAsyst.  

  • Self-check-in technologies include patient pre-visit registration and in-office modes like kiosks and tablets  
  • Digital intake workflows set up for clinics based on appointment types 
  • Auto-data capture powered by bi-directional integration with your EHR  
  • Automated eligibility verification with digital payment options, payment reminders, and payment plans  
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