Accelerate your payment collection process and minimize bad debts for a healthier revenue cycle. Encourage patient payments with a positive payment experience by offering flexible payment options and patient-friendly payment plans.

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Additional annual federal reimbursements

Automated Patient Check In System

Point-of-Service Payment Collection

Simplify upfront payment collection with our automated patient check-in system. Self-service payment allows your patients to complete payment via a digital interface. This cuts down on the risk of non-payment and simplifies the payment process for patients.

Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Without the right tools, eligibility and benefit verification can be time-consuming and significantly affect copay collections. Our patient check-in system makes everyone’s life easy by executing reliable eligibility and benefits verification, much before the appointment, to capture visit specific co-pays, co-insurance and deductible. CheckinAsyst allows real-time eligibility and benefit verification for new insurance holders and walk-in appointments.
Patient Check in Kiosk
Automated Patient Check In System

Accelerate Payment Collections

Our automated patient check-in system accelerates your collection by making it easy for patients to complete payments. CheckinAsyst offers multiple payment options, including payment plans, which are administered in a self-service mode to encourage patient payments especially when there is a large outstanding due.

Powerful Financial Reports and Day-to-Day Analytics

CheckinAsyst makes it easy to analyze your facility’s financial performance with auto-generated reports and analytics. Our patient check-in system offers a detailed picture of day-to-day payment collections and the overall performance of your payment plans. This provides the insights you need to improve your financials across the board.
Patient Check in Kiosk
Automated Patient Check In System

Federal Reimbursements without the Hassles

Drive patient engagement with our patient check-in solution. Automate patient appointment reminders and payment notifications to help patients manage their healthcare as efficiently as possible. This helps patients stay on top of their healthcare and make their wellness a priority.
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