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COVID-19 Vaccine Workflow

COVID-19 vaccines are here. Here’s how CheckinAsyst can help.

As the healthcare community gears up to vaccinate the patient population, CheckinAsyst offers digital intake and patient communication tools to set up a smooth vaccination workflow. Take a look at how a digital platform can help increase vaccine uptake without burdening your staff.

Zero-touch Patient Intake

Safe and convenient intake for patients with minimal staff intervention

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CheckinAsyst has a new workflow to help you continue practicing medicine in a safe environment. This zero-touch patient intake workflow aims to support you in your efforts to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your patients and staff. We will continuously monitor and update these recommendations to be sure they remain accurate and relevant.

What’s Available in CheckinAsyst

Effectively communicating with patients is the need of the hour. That requires the practice to have accurate communication details of the patients. CheckinAsyst, now, has been enhanced with a 100% mandatory policy on collecting email addresses and mobile phone numbers to communicate timely information during this crisis.

Patients also receive pre-visit notification before their scheduled appointments. These notifications allow practices to share critical information about what to do if you have concerns about symptoms, and instructions to follow once you reach the facility.

CheckinAsyst patient intake has a COVID-19 screening module developed based on the guidelines from the CDC. With this screening, you can quickly identify patients with probable symptoms as alerts are triggered on your dashboard to prompt appropriate action.
Before scheduled appointments to share critical information about what to do if you have concerns about symptoms
Manage telehealth related appointment types with appropriate telehealth consent forms
Healthy patients who want to keep appointments but limit the time spent in waiting rooms can complete their pre-visit information via CheckinAsyst pre-registration. CheckinAsyst allows practices to send pre-visit registration links to patients via email and SMS. Patients can access the link via their preferred device, complete demographic and clinical information, sign consent forms, and make payments- all from the comfort and safety of their home.
Even if the patient doesn’t complete pre-visit information from home, you can still limit exposure. CheckinAsyst allows patients to complete their intake forms even after arriving at the facility with the help of ‘Use your own device’ feature. This way, patients do not have to interact with paper or any other check-in hardware at the facility.
Patients can make payments for all types of appointments online using a credit/debit card during pre-registration. Outstanding balance can also be paid post-visit through the practice website, through a CheckinAsyst integrated link

How is your practice coping with the situation?

With a pandemic on such a scale and the entire world in its grip, how is your practice set up? Are you able to react as fast as you would like?

Download this guide on how best you can have your intake set up to deal with this new threat. Especially useful for CheckinAsyst users.

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