CheckinAsyst Communication Hub

Seamless patient communication is more necessity than a luxury today. CheckinAsyst Communication Hub offers you all the necessary tools to enable seamless and compliant communication with your patients.

CheckinAsyst Communication Hub is a secure and real-time communication platform that facilitates seamless patient communication.

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Communications Hub

Security is our middle name

When it comes to compliance, we beat the odds. You can trust a HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant solution from an ISO 27001 certified organization.

Choose the channel

You get the flexibility to use your patient’s preferred channel of communication or what meets your practice’s needs.

Easier to manage

Your communication resources are seamlessly integrated into your check-in platform, avoiding the hassles of working with too many tools or vendors.

Choose for your needs

CheckinAsyst Communication Hub includes appointment reminders, payment reminders, patient broadcasts, secure texting, and patient surveys. You can pick and choose the solutions you want from our broad array of offerings.

Appointment Reminders

Minimize no-shows, optimize your bottom-line

Every year, healthcare practices lose thousands of dollars due to patient no-shows. An MGMA survey states that 83% of no-shows occur because the patients either forgot or incorrectly noted the appointment time.

How does this affect your practice’s bottom line? Each missed appointment represents a waste of valuable clinic time and lost revenue! And, manual appointment reminders take hours to execute.

CheckinAsyst appointment reminders allow you to reduce no shows without the need for hours of manual effort from your staff.

Appointment Reminders

Payment Reminders

More collections, lesser risk of bad-debts

With payment responsibility increasingly shifting to patients, adopting a patient-centric approach to your collection strategy is more critical than ever. Ultimately, a timely collection of revenue is required to provide the best care to your patients. But manual processes of payment follow-ups eat into your financial outcomes and exert more pressure on your staff.

CheckinAsyst Patient Payment Reminders is an automated text and email service to nudge your patients to pay their outstanding balances.

Payment Reminders

Secure Chat

Compliance and communication become easier

When the whole world has adopted email, SMS, and instant messages as a preferred mode of communication, there is a problem when it comes to healthcare. CMS mandates that patient data exchange between healthcare professionals occur only through a secure platform.
But does that really stop healthcare practitioners and patients from exchanging medical information through these channels? Not really! Because convenience often trumps other considerations.

CheckinAsyst’s HIPAA compliant patient chat will help you break the chain. It allows your staff to send, receive, and share sensitive patient information, without burdening you with the additional responsibility of managing another platform.

Secure Chat

Patient Broadcast

Reaching patients, made faster and effective

The need for extensive communication with patients can occur at any time. Be it to inform patients regarding provider unavailability, appointment delays, holidays, or poor weather; manual communication can slow you down tremendously. It’s not just essential to get your message delivered and heard; it has to be shared and heard FAST!

CheckinAsyst patient broadcast makes patient-focused communication fast and effective. With patient broadcasts, send targeted patient communication based on location, provider, and appointment types. Clinics can send mass messages to patients for any scenarios that demand reaching many people in the shortest time.

Patient Surveys

Managing practice reputation

Patient Surveys provide insights into your patient’s perceptions, ultimately impacting patient loyalty and your practice’s profitability.

With our automated and customizable patient satisfaction surveys, you can quantify patient experience and introduce improvement programs. Generate survey reports based on location, provider, or organization to gather actionable insights. Allow patients to complete issued surveys after their appointments, even if they’re doing it remotely with mobile devices.

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