Improve Patient Payment Collection
Are your practice’s finances telling the same story of rising bad debts every year?Navigating through the patient payment storm can be exhausting for every practice.Read More »
COVID-19 Vaccination Workflow
With the COVID-19 vaccine coming as a respite for people worldwide, the healthcare community is gearing up to provide immunization against the pandemic.However, at aRead More »
Insights-Checkin Mode
A crowded waiting room, patients irritably standing in long lines to complete a pile of paper forms, and a visibly overwhelmed staff struggling to manageRead More »
Improving flu vaccine rates
The flu season brings new – and some existing – challenges such as vaccination reluctance, increased hospitalization, and fatalities every year. While the recent pandemicRead More »
Healthcare organizations juggle competing priorities every day. Increasing efficiency, maintaining profitability, reducing physician burnout, and responding to regulatory requirements are only some of them. Meanwhile,Read More »
Are the revenue management strategies of your practice over the years telling the same story of rising bad debts? Patients are made cost-conscious consumers ofRead More »
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